The Look Book | Choosing and Styling Black Jeans

Welcome to the Look Book where we talk about fashion and style in the Redenim world!

Today I want to talk about one of the hottest denim trends making a resurgence right now: black denim.

Black jeans are reappearing on the scene full force, and for sounding so simple, there’s a lot worth discussing.

Finding the perfect pair of black jeans for you comes down to the fit, style, and details that makes these stand out from the rest of your denim wardrobe.

I’ll share my must-have black denim style picks as well as as our pairing recommendations so you know how to stand out in a pair of these neutral beauties.

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The Look Book | 4 Jeans Every Woman Needs to Have

Welcome to the Look Book where we talk about fashion and style in the Redenim world!

Today I want to tackle a style question I get all the time: what are the jeans that every woman should own?

I took a look at my personal collection and I asked some of the leading stylists and fashionistas I know and we determined that there are 4 pairs of jeans every woman should have in her closet.

Just 4 for endless outfit options any day of the year!

Want to know the styles that are must-have’s for your closet? Check out the video below for my picks or read more after the jump! Spoiler alert: we’re having commitment issues with boyfriend jeans when it comes to comfort….

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Founder’s Closet | 7 Tips to Survive the Mall

Welcome to the Founder’s Closet where we take you inside the world of Kelly Ernst, the CEO of Redenim for tips, tidbits, and peeks into what we’re up to!

Hey everyone! This week I’m addressing something that makes people audibly groan: the mall.

Believe me, I know that malls are retail dinosaurs. And it’s no surprise considering the convenience of online shopping (I mean hey, you can shop from your couch) and the fact that most brick and mortar stores can’t compete with the selection online.

However, I will defend the mall on 3 key points… and I’m not just saying this because I’m nostalgic for the days when it was cool to just “hang out at the mall.” These are pretty legit:

  1. It’s still really great to be able to get what you need in the same day. Amazon prime is awesome but there’s something to be said for being able to just walk into the mall and come out with something you need right then.
  2. You get to touch things to assess quality and construction before you buy them. I’m a very tactile person so I like to be able to get my hands on things and touch them before I commit.
  3. You can try things on before you decide to purchase them. Easier said than done, but there is a bit of relief that comes from trying something on and seeing how it fits before you decide to purchase it.

All that being said, malls still suck. They are overwhelming, exhausting, and can rob you of precious time, money and sanity. That’s why I’ve assembled 7 quick tips to help get you in and out of the mall quickly, easily, and hopefully with a little cash saved.

Check out the video below for my tips or read more after the jump! Spoiler alert: don’t miss my tip on getting a hold of clearance items before anyone else can get to them…

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Memorial Day Denim Style Guide

Memorial Day, the unofficial mark of the beginning of summer! Summer means that it’s time to bring out all your favorite white and light wash denim. Whether you are celebrating it with family or friends, or taking some much needed “you-time” you’re going to want something more on the comfortable side that’s still on point when it comes to style. 

We’ve made a list of our go-to summer staples that you should have in your rotation until Labor Day rolls around:

  • Denim skirts
  • Shorts
  • Cropped flares
  • Overalls
  • A denim jacket

These are the Memorial Day celebrations we’ll be enjoying this weekend. Are you doing the same? Here are our recommendations for what to wear whether you’re hitting the water, enjoying a picnic with friends, or dusting off the softball mitt to kick off the season.

Lake/ Beach/ Pool Party

By the lake or pool, it is best to wear something that might get wet in the waves. Shorts and denim skirts obviously fit the bill and are easy enough to pair with your swimsuit. Plus, if they get a little wet, dry time is quick and you can still be comfortable and breezy by the water.

katy-belcher-387797-unsplashjens-johnsson-350972-unsplashrawpixel-384895-unsplash (1)

Park/Picnic Celebration

Picnic’s and parks are prime spots for Memorial Day. I can picture it now: burgers and hotdogs on the grill, your closest friends, dogs running around, and a game of volleyball or catch on the side. Picnics are the quintessential way to relax and enjoy the early summer vibes.

Here, it is best to wear something that is active and stylish all in one. Overalls are super on-trend right now with some cute short options to beat the heat. Cropped flares give you a little more coverage if it’s still cool in your neck of the woods while still being stylish for summer.


House Party

House parties are where you can embrace your inner stylish self. At these events, break out a pair of your favorite boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, or those new flares you’ve been dying to wear. Match them with a cute tank and platform sandals. You’ll most likely be inside eating, drinking and laughing, so why not look your best.

All these styles are great for memorial day and any summer event that you attend. It is the perfect way to say cool and comfortable, and at the same time get some amazing pictures. Denim is the cornerstone of summer trend! Nothing shouts fun in the sun more.

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Founder’s Closet — 9 Tips to Survive Fitting Rooms

Welcome to the Founder’s Closet where we take you inside the Redenim world for tips, tidbits, and peeks into what we’re up to!

This week, I’m addressing something that’s very near and dear to my heart: how to survive fitting rooms.

We’ve all been there… trapped in those tiny, claustrophobic closets. We know the warped mirrors, the dim lighting, and barely-there doors. And we’ve all had those awkward conversations with fitting room attendants that nothing fits, nothing looks good, and we want to just disappear. 

But there are a few things you can do to make the process easier if you must brave the malls for a chance to try things. Check out my 9 quick tips for surviving fitting rooms and making the most out of your journey to the mall. More after the jump…

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Founder’s Closet — How Many Jeans Do I Actually Own?

Welcome to the Founder’s Closet where we take you inside the Redenim world for tips, tidbits, and peeks into what we’re up to!

This week, I’m answering the #1 question I get as the founder of a denim company: How many pairs of jeans do you actually own? See the styles I can’t live without below — right out of my actual closet — and check out more after the jump!

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The rise of the rise: High waist jeans make their comeback


The first time I tried on a pair of high rise jeans I was skeptical. In the sea of low rise denim that we’d been floating through since the early 2000’s, any fly that zipped up past 8 inches seemed so unreasonable, so impossibly counter-trend that only fashion girls could pull it off.

In my mind, high rise jeans couldn’t possibly be comfortable. How was I supposed to sit? How would my butt look? Would they exaggerate my already short torso making me look like I was willingly subjecting myself to an all-day wedgie?

High rise jeans have front rises between 9 and 11 inches… 11+ being super high. With more and more of these styles making an appearance, I knew I had to at least give them a try.

Skepticism hung in the air around me right up until the moment I pulled a pair of DL1961 Margaux skinnies up over my booty and zipped them to completion just under my belly button. At 9.5 inches, they were the highest rise I’d ever dared to try.

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The 3 Denim Styles You Can’t Live Without: Spring Edition

Simplification is virtue when it comes to the jeans in your closet, especially if you’ve been moved to pare down lately. But how do you know exactly what pairs you need to have? We’ve narrowed down a few styles that are always on trend to help you decide. These are the jeans you should always have in your closet:

The Dark Skinny

Skinny jeans in a dark wash with structured fit are a fashion unicorn: They can be dressed up or down, they are universally flattering, and you can wear them year round. Dark skinnies are a closet staple and can take you from the office to a night out to the weekend without missing a beat.

…and I don’t care what anyone says, skinny jeans are not dead. I will defend them until the end of my denim days.

Our Picks:

AG Legging in “Delight”
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