Getting Into Beauty | Treat Dry Skin, PLUS Hydration Tips, Dry Brushing, and the Best Moisturizers!

Welcome to Getting Into Beauty where we talk beauty tips and tricks from the Redenim world.

I want to be real with y’all for a minute. I suffer from really dry skin. If I’m being honest, I also have dry hair, nails, my face is dry…. but yeah, dry skin is a huge problem for me.

And the reason I want to talk about it isn’t just because dry skin looks bad, but it’s honestly very uncomfortable for me under clothes and is particularly pronounced in the winter months.

And I know I’m not alone in this. Dry skin is a widespread problem that everyone is talking about. Given my struggle, I’ve developed a quick, simple, and inexpensive routine to combat dry skin without a million products or hours spent coddling my skin. And because we here at Redenim believe style and beauty go hand-in-hand, I wanted to share it with you!

Here is my exact routine for treating and preventing dry skin plus an unexpected shaving lifehack for razor bump-free shaving. Check out the video or read more after the jump.

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Dry brushing | A step-by-step guide to this dark horse of skin care

Have you heard of dry brushing yet? I hadn’t either until recently and I was immediately intrigued by the long list of benefits this strange practice included: reduced stretch marks, breaking up cellulite, and toning up skin among other things. I had to try it and was shocked to find that the simple act of brushing my skin before hopping in the shower held up to many of the promises I’d been reading about.

Here at Redenim, we believe style and beauty go hand-in-hand so we wanted to share this fantastic practice with you!

While the outward benefits were obvious within a couple of days, the inner benefits are also worth exploring! So do you want to know how dry brushing works and how to do it yourself for a quick, simple, and free way to cleanse your body inside and outside? Check it out!

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Washing your jeans: If you’re doing it, you’re doing it wrong.

Jeans don’t need to be washed.

I actually heard you gasp out loud but hear me out…

To preserve your Redenim jeans’ unique character and ensure that their fit and color hold up, we recommend washing them only once every 60-90 days, if that.


But why? It may seem counterintuitive, but your jeans will actually fit better and last longer if you don’t wash them. Think about it. Your favorite jeans are your favorite because of how they fit YOU. Your jeans are designed to take your shape as you wear them and a single wash can wipe away all that progress and alter them permanently. But that doesn’t mean you can’t clean your jeans. You just have to know how to clean them properly.

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