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Today I want to talk about one of the hottest denim trends making a resurgence right now: black denim.

Black jeans are reappearing on the scene full force, and for sounding so simple, there’s a lot worth discussing.

Finding the perfect pair of black jeans for you comes down to the fit, style, and details that makes these stand out from the rest of your denim wardrobe.

I’ll share my must-have black denim style picks as well as as our pairing recommendations so you know how to stand out in a pair of these neutral beauties.

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First, let’s talk wash. Black jeans come in a multitude of washes from clean, deep black, to a hint of vintage with some fading, to fully worn-looking grey that still reads like a black jean.


Selecting a wash comes down to the sort of attitude you want to convey and the looks you want to pull off.

A clean, true black jean is a classic style that dresses up as easily as it dresses down and pairs with just about anything.

I call these your “little black jean” and it’s a must have for any denim maven looking to change up her jeans routine.

It’s important to note that you want a clean black jean that won’t fade over time and that depends a lot on the fabric content. I recommend jeans that are blended with a fabric called “tencel” also called “lyocell” or “modal” which holds onto black dye like its their job.

When you get into faded black denim, it has a more vintage, loved look that can give these jeans the perfect amount of edge. Fading can range from just a little to enough that black jeans look almost grey.

It goes without saying that once you start to add fading, black jeans appear more casual making them a perfect core piece for a streetwear look.

Generally, I recommend having one pair of clean black jeans that can be dressed up and one more faded pair for that casual look on your days off.


Black jeans come in just about every style under the sun and are highly versatile.

When it comes to a clean black jean, a skinny cut is a classic choice but I also love a bootcut or flare jean for a more elegant, elongated look. Straight jeans also look good in clean black, but it’s important to get the perfect length.

My number one recommendation for a clean, black jean is a cropped slim/straight jean. A slim/straight jean in a clean black wash creates a classic, more professional look that goes from the office to happy hour to the weekend with ease.

When it comes to faded black denim, more edgy styles take the lead. While faded black denim still looks phenomenal in a skinny cut you see more daring styles featured in this wash.

Vintage-style tapered jeans (think mom jeans or vintage Levi’s) look phenomenal in a faded black wash. They are my go-to recommendation for a faded pair without getting too crazy in the styling.

But if you want to go a little more daring, cropped flares are also an unexpected, fashion forward choice in faded black denim.

I used to not understand cropped flares at all. I was like “are we really bringing high waters back?”

But as soon as I started seeing them in a vintage-style faded black wash, I was sold. They’re edgy, different and endlessly cool!

The Details

Finally, let’s talk about some additional details that can make black jeans the coolest pairs in your wardrobe!

Black is one of the only colors that looks good in a variety of fabrics and I love a pair of black jeans that incorporates an unexpected texture.

Black velvet or sateen finish jeans combine a classic neutral color with a luxurious feel that elevates the style. I love these sorts of fabrics to dress up black jeans for events or to wear to the office but they also look super chic for weekend wear.

Corduroy is another fun fabric that provides a little extra warmth in the fall and winter and gives a cool, casual vibe to textured denim. Clean black cords dress up really well while a faded pair gives that vintage styling.

Coated denim is another texture option that I want to give some love to! The reason I love a coated black jean is because it looks like leather but it stretches, breathes, and usually costs a fraction of the price.

While I love all sorts of textures for black jeans, I would have to say that a coated black jean is my number one recommendation.

What to Pair With Black Jeans

Ok, now that we’ve broken down the washes, styles, and additional textures that work in black, here are my top 3 pairing recommendations for full outfits!

Number 3, add a pop of color. Black denim works with every color and provides a great foundation for adding a bold hue. Colorful patterns also really jump out against a black jean. So if you’ve been wanting to show off a particularly colorful top or coat, a black jean will provide the perfect foundation without clashing.

Number 2, go monochromatic. Nothing goes with black more than, well, black. And the New Yorker in me is all about mixing dark colors for a chic, but still bold style choice. In keeping with a monochromatic palate, greys also pair seamlessly with black denim and work fabulously in tops and coats. My absolute favorite monochromatic choice is a tuxedo style blazer paired with clean black jeans.

And my number 1 pairing recommendation, go classic! A basic white t-shirt paired with black denim seems simple, but it’s a bold, quintessential outfit choice. I love a white v-neck t tucked into a pair of black jeans or a graphic white t-shirt paired with more faded denim for an edgy streetwear look. When in doubt, this is an outfit you can turn to to look pulled together and classically chic with minimal effort.

Bonus time! Because black in a neutral color, you don’t need to worry about matching it to certain shoes or belts. You have a great opportunity to go a little wild with your footwear, anything from white boots to patterned flats or eye-catching red heels.

As for belts, a pop of color jumps out or you can fall back on a classic brown leather belt for an unexpected pairing that simply works. Nothing is going to clash with a black jean, including blue which can sometimes look awkward with traditional jeans.

Now that you’ve got the rundown on black denim and why its an important addition to your wardrobe, we here at Redenim would love to help you find the perfect pair, or pairs for you!

We can style an essential black box for you with everything from an essential little black jean to a more fashion forward faded style or an interesting texture like velvet or coated denim.

Head to to start your profile today and request a black box from your stylist! Rest assured, we will take the legwork out of finding the perfect fit and style for you.

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