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Do you ever wish the pant leg on a pair of jeans was just a little bit shorter for an outfit or with a certain pair of shoes? No need to get jeans tailored or settle for rolling them up.

Here’s a Redenim #FashHack for you to shorten the length of your jeans quickly and reversibly!

Sometimes jeans that are the perfect length for you still need to be raised up to work with higher ankle shoes or to pull together an outfit. In this case tailoring is out of the question, but you might not want that casual, relaxed look of rolling them up the traditional way.

I get it, rolled jeans by their nature just look like they don’t fit you. But there is a way to roll your pant leg for a streamlined, hemmed look.

Instead of rolling out, roll your pant leg under. Adjust as necessary to get the perfect length for your outfit and you’re good to go! If you’d like, you can secure with a single safety pin, but this fold will often last on it’s own all day.

This works better with skinny or straight jeans than bootcut or flare, but it’s a quick, painless, elegant way to shorten jeans for a single outfit.

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