Founder’s Closet — How Many Jeans Do I Actually Own?

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This week, I’m answering the #1 question I get as the founder of a denim company: How many pairs of jeans do you actually own? See the styles I can’t live without below — right out of my actual closet — and check out more after the jump!

There seems to be this perception that because I founded a denim company, I must own a million pairs of jeans. But I decided to take stock and count up what’s currently in my closet… because I actually didn’t know off the top of my head.

I own exactly…

8 pairs of jeans! And as it turns out, 8 pairs is the average number of jeans that women own.

Want to know the actual styles that I’ve got in my closet? These are my go-to pairs that I cannot live without:

First I’ve got my core styles which are like my denim squad: they’re always there for me, they’ve always got my back…side, and they’re down for just about any occasion.

  • First I’ve got my Dark Skinny Jeans which I absolutely love because they are universally flattering, they go with everything, and they hide stains if you’re like me and spill on yourself all the time.

  • I also have Destroyed Skinny Jeans since this is a fit that most women are rocking these days. With a medium wash and mid rise, these look like a “jeans’ jean.” Plus the destruction details add a cool little edge making these the jeans that get the most mileage of anything in my wardrobe.

  • Next I’ve got my Boyfriend Jeans. Finally, a boyfriend without commitment issues! This style is here to stay. A good pair of boyfriend jeans creates a cool, casual look when paired with a white t-shirt and flats but they also look surprisingly polished paired with heels and a nice top.

  • Finally, I’ve got my White Jeans which are kind of danger-zone denim for me since I’m not the most steady-handed when it comes to eating and drinking. But given enough Tide Pens, a neutral colored jean like this adds unexpected sophistication to an outfit… until of course I spill red wine on myself.

Moving on to my daring pairs: these are my more fashion forward jeans that are sure to turn some heads… hopefully for the right reasons.

  • Starting with an actual throwback, my Vintage Mom Jeans. My vintage Levi’s 501s feature a tapered fit through the leg, a high rise, and that classic 100% cotton fabric. They are as unforgiving as they are cool but I love these jeans, especially because they’re authentic vintage.

  • Next I’ve go my Two-Tone Jeans which I own for no particular reason other that I just really liked the look of them. They’re edgy and unexpected and big hits in the celebrity crowd right now.

  • Another style throwback are my Flare Jeans. I wanted full on, 70’s style bellbottom jeans and love to rock this style whether they’re on trend or not. They make me feel tall, long, and lean and definitely standout in the sea of skinny jeans.

  • In the same denim vein, I also have Cropped Flares. For the longest time I did not understand the cropped flare movement, but these have become and essential part of my wardrobe for their effortless style.

Bonus Time! These are a few additional denim items I’ve got in my closet that I cannot live without:

  • I have one pair of Jean Shorts (Jorts) which I actually made myself from a pair of full-length jeans that I wasn’t crazy about. They’re mid rise, medium wash, and mid length which makes them great for warm weather style.

  • I also have a Denim Jacket and like my jorts, it also happens to be another DIY piece. I found this jacket at a thrift store and decided to chop off the bottom hem for a cropped, cool style that’s all my own.

  • Finally, I have my go-to Chambray Shirt which is a denim twist on the classic button down oxford. I love to create a denim-on-denim look with this shirt by pairing it with either my white jeans or my dark skinnies.


And that’s it! That’s all the denim I currently own. Did I miss any essential styles? Let me know in the comments if there is a must-have jean out there that I’ve forgotten.

And if you’re interested in grabbing a few pairs of these awesome styles for yourself to build a versatile wardrobe, that’s what we’re here for! At Redenim, we are your personal stylists for premium denim and we take the legwork out of shopping for jeans. Our stylists get to know you — your size, style and preferences — and send you 3 pairs of premium jeans to try on at home. No more trips to the mall, no more awful fitting rooms. Keep what you love, send back the rest on us! So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Redenim and get styled today!

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