Getting Into… No1

Do you have a favorite shirt? One that you wear all the time, that feels just right and you cannot live without?

Of course you do!

And so do I… It’s a loose fit black polyester camisole with a v-neck and I wear it ALL. THE. TIME. Shamelessly.

And I got to thinking, I would be DEVASTATED if anything happened to it even though it’s old and wasn’t a particularly grand purchase. I just love the way I look in it.

So I kicked off a hunt for a similar top — as one does — to stock up, just in case.

And what did I find?

At this point I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats… and I did find an awesome, identical black silk cami online (I have 4 of them on the way). But for some reason this particular search turned up a plethora of really cool things.

And I immediately wanted to share not only the site where I found my new go-to cami, but some of the other things I turned up along the way because I thought you might seriously enjoy it as well.

So, without further ado, here are the things I’ve gotten into this week that I think you might be into as well:

Not So Basic

Obviously I’m going to start by sharing the site where I found my contingency cami: GRANA. I’m so glad I took the time to check out what else was on the site because it’s a wealth of wardrobe basics that everyone (guys & girls) should have. I want everything.

BONUS: As the “Everlane of Hong Kong” they’re all about responsible sourcing practices for affordable luxury pieces, perfect if you’re looking to be more sustainable.

AND it’s their summer sale with some awesome deals up to 50% off! I’ll race you!

Online Shopping Anxiety

However, being both a total spaz and someone with an internet connection, I couldn’t just order from a new store without checking out some reviews. Thank god for fashion bloggers! I found this awesome blog, the very cheeky “Temporary House Wifey” with reviews for not only a ton of GRANA pieces but a bunch of other online stores as well! Shop with confidence!

Speaking of Basic…

This gets to me to why I wanted to make sure I had a backup top in the first place. Lately I’ve been super into the concept of the French wardrobe in all its chic simplicity. Not knowing exactly where to get started, I stumbled upon this article on creating a French wardrobe… I’m pretty sure I googled “how to be french” and it popped up.

BONUS: I have about half of the list in my closet and you probably do too! Now to put it all together with that certain je ne sais quoi.

We’re Just “Hanging Out”

When it comes to actually hanging and storing my clothes, I’m trying to move away from the “pile on the ground” method to something that says “yes I am a woman in her 30s capable of organization.”

Somehow that led me to the realization that decorative hooks are a step in the right direction and I landed on these. On prominent display in my front hall, this antler hook compels me to hang stuff up just because it just looks so damn cool.

On Being Inspired…

And of course the catalyst of all this introspection, my Instagram feed! Anytime I feel like I need a burst of inspiration, I fire up the ol’ Instagram to see what my favorite fashionistas are up to. One of my go to’s is the effortlessly chic, perennially cool Nihan over at Style with Nihan. If you don’t follow her already, get on that!

Alright, this was what I got into this week. Is there anything cool you’ve gotten into that you want to share? Reply to hit me up and let me know!

Quick side note, I am not affiliated with any of these sites and there is no benefit to me for sharing here. I just think it’s really dope stuff!

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