Getting Into Beauty | Treat Dry Skin, PLUS Hydration Tips, Dry Brushing, and the Best Moisturizers!

Welcome to Getting Into Beauty where we talk beauty tips and tricks from the Redenim world.

I want to be real with y’all for a minute. I suffer from really dry skin. If I’m being honest, I also have dry hair, nails, my face is dry…. but yeah, dry skin is a huge problem for me.

And the reason I want to talk about it isn’t just because dry skin looks bad, but it’s honestly very uncomfortable for me under clothes and is particularly pronounced in the winter months.

And I know I’m not alone in this. Dry skin is a widespread problem that everyone is talking about. Given my struggle, I’ve developed a quick, simple, and inexpensive routine to combat dry skin without a million products or hours spent coddling my skin. And because we here at Redenim believe style and beauty go hand-in-hand, I wanted to share it with you!

Here is my exact routine for treating and preventing dry skin plus an unexpected shaving lifehack for razor bump-free shaving. Check out the video or read more after the jump.

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Dry brushing | A step-by-step guide to this dark horse of skin care

Have you heard of dry brushing yet? I hadn’t either until recently and I was immediately intrigued by the long list of benefits this strange practice included: reduced stretch marks, breaking up cellulite, and toning up skin among other things. I had to try it and was shocked to find that the simple act of brushing my skin before hopping in the shower held up to many of the promises I’d been reading about.

Here at Redenim, we believe style and beauty go hand-in-hand so we wanted to share this fantastic practice with you!

While the outward benefits were obvious within a couple of days, the inner benefits are also worth exploring! So do you want to know how dry brushing works and how to do it yourself for a quick, simple, and free way to cleanse your body inside and outside? Check it out!

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Redenim #FashHacks | Un-stink Stinky Shoes

Welcome to Redenim #FashHacks where we give you quick fashion and lifestyle tips!

Isn’t it the worst when your favorite pair of shoes starts to smell? The only thing worse is shoe powder which is messy and sometimes smells just as gross.

Luckily, there’s an easy and cheap way to freshen shoes up again so you don’t have to retire a pair, especially if you’re not ready to part with them yet.

Here’s a Redenim #FashHack to eliminate shoe odor for good and on the cheap!

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The Look Book | Choosing and Styling Black Jeans

Welcome to the Look Book where we talk about fashion and style in the Redenim world!

Today I want to talk about one of the hottest denim trends making a resurgence right now: black denim.

Black jeans are reappearing on the scene full force, and for sounding so simple, there’s a lot worth discussing.

Finding the perfect pair of black jeans for you comes down to the fit, style, and details that makes these stand out from the rest of your denim wardrobe.

I’ll share my must-have black denim style picks as well as as our pairing recommendations so you know how to stand out in a pair of these neutral beauties.

Read more after the jump!

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The Perfect Gift for Any Women

We would be lying if we said buying jeans for a woman is a great gift idea. We can assure you, blind shopping for women’s jeans is never a good idea. But what if we told you we can help you give the gift of perfect fitting jeans? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

Purchase a gift card at for your mom, friend, daughter, sister, wife or girlfriend and we will do the rest! Whatever value you purchased her gift card for will be applied once she decides which jeans to keep! Here is how it works;

Still not sold on giving women the gift of perfectly fitting jeans? Just ask the ladies in your life how hard jean shopping is and they most likely will confirm it’s awful. Why not give the gift of a personal jean stylist and perfect fitting jeans!



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Redenim #FashHacks | Shorten Jeans for an Outfit

Welcome to Redenim #FashHacks where we give you quick fashion and lifestyle tips!

Do you ever wish the pant leg on a pair of jeans was just a little bit shorter for an outfit or with a certain pair of shoes? No need to get jeans tailored or settle for rolling them up.

Here’s a Redenim #FashHack for you to shorten the length of your jeans quickly and reversibly!

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The Look Book | 4 Jeans Every Woman Needs to Have

Welcome to the Look Book where we talk about fashion and style in the Redenim world!

Today I want to tackle a style question I get all the time: what are the jeans that every woman should own?

I took a look at my personal collection and I asked some of the leading stylists and fashionistas I know and we determined that there are 4 pairs of jeans every woman should have in her closet.

Just 4 for endless outfit options any day of the year!

Want to know the styles that are must-have’s for your closet? Check out the video below for my picks or read more after the jump! Spoiler alert: we’re having commitment issues with boyfriend jeans when it comes to comfort….

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Redenim #FashHacks — Clean Clothes in 10 Minutes

Welcome to Redenim #FashHacks where we give you quick fashion and lifestyle tips!

Don’t you hate it when you want to wear something and it’s definitely been a little while since the last time it was washed and you don’t have 2 hours to do a load of laundry?


Here’s a Redenim #FashHack for you to spruce clothes up that you’ve already worn to bounce back their shape, knock out wrinkles, and freshen their scent! Check out the video below or read more after the jump!

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Founder’s Closet | 7 Tips to Survive the Mall

Welcome to the Founder’s Closet where we take you inside the world of Kelly Ernst, the CEO of Redenim for tips, tidbits, and peeks into what we’re up to!

Hey everyone! This week I’m addressing something that makes people audibly groan: the mall.

Believe me, I know that malls are retail dinosaurs. And it’s no surprise considering the convenience of online shopping (I mean hey, you can shop from your couch) and the fact that most brick and mortar stores can’t compete with the selection online.

However, I will defend the mall on 3 key points… and I’m not just saying this because I’m nostalgic for the days when it was cool to just “hang out at the mall.” These are pretty legit:

  1. It’s still really great to be able to get what you need in the same day. Amazon prime is awesome but there’s something to be said for being able to just walk into the mall and come out with something you need right then.
  2. You get to touch things to assess quality and construction before you buy them. I’m a very tactile person so I like to be able to get my hands on things and touch them before I commit.
  3. You can try things on before you decide to purchase them. Easier said than done, but there is a bit of relief that comes from trying something on and seeing how it fits before you decide to purchase it.

All that being said, malls still suck. They are overwhelming, exhausting, and can rob you of precious time, money and sanity. That’s why I’ve assembled 7 quick tips to help get you in and out of the mall quickly, easily, and hopefully with a little cash saved.

Check out the video below for my tips or read more after the jump! Spoiler alert: don’t miss my tip on getting a hold of clearance items before anyone else can get to them…

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Getting Into Summer Edition

With June being the official kickoff to summer, the Redenim team wanted to share our favorite styles and products for the summer!

Ariana’s Summer Favorite’s

I love the heat but it gets pretty hot in Austin so for my summer style I try to balance that with lightweights fabrics in fun summer prints for work & going out at night. If it’s the weekend, you’ll catch me at Barton Springs pool in a bathing suit, denim shorts and a Panama hat.

Linnea’s Summer Favorites

I often catch myself wearing all neutrals and feeling bored with my wardrobe. Yellow is easy to add to the mix and still feel comfortable. Here are some summer staples in the perfect yellow hues.

Outfits from and

Kelly’s Summer Favorite

I wear SPF on my face year round, but this Elta SPF 46 tinted facial sunscreen makes me feel extra protected when summer comes along.

Elta SPF 46 is from

Radhika’s Summer Favorites

My favorite style this summer is the wide leg jumpsuits. They are just so flattering and comfortable. Pair it with some block heels and you’re all set!  Anything that makes you look chic and slim is on my favorites list!

Jumpsuit from Forever

Ashton’s Summer Favorites

My favorite summer outfit is denim short overalls or a lightweight sundress. My denim overalls are versatile and you can catch me wearing them on a hike and then slipping them on over my swimsuit for a cover-up. I’ve been a lover of sundress forever because they are a cute, comfy, cool option in the Texas heat.

Sundress and overalls from




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